The people behind the bunny

Hopper is a culture of makers. We build things.

Joost Ouwerkerk

The people behind the bunny

Hopper is a culture of makers. We build things.

Joost Ouwerkerk

Revolutionizing how millions of people book their travel

Building an incredible product takes an incredible team. Here, everyone has an impact — on the app and on the millions of travelers who use Hopper every day. At the heart of Hopper is our users’ trust in us, our expertise, and our passion. So everything we build, we build for them.

We move quickly, testing and iterating, thinking big and planning for the future we want, where everyone can travel. Peek any whiteboard and you’ll find grand plans. Pop into a meeting and hear world-changing, maybe even crazy, ideas. Scribble solutions on a napkin. Brainstorm over the espresso machine. This is how we build — together.

Life at Hopper

How did the humans behind the bunny find their careers? From developers to data scientists to designers, we all have the same goal: redefine how the world books travel.

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Hopper’s Core Values

Be curious. Analyze everything. Read everything. Reread everything. Question everything. Never stop learning, whether it’s a skill, a marketplace, the user, the industry, the world. Share knowledge and encourage wondering.

Be empathetic. Believe in humans, not consumers. Build for travelers, not end users. Advocate for individual experiences, kill friction and understand what really matters.

Be fearless. Embrace autonomy, ambition, and risk. Stand up for your scariest ideas. Disregard the way things have always been done in favor of better, bigger, and downright wild.

Be responsible. What you do is part of who you are. Own your decisions. Take action. You might not be the best person to fix everything but nothing is ever “not your problem.”

Be open. Respect different voices. Welcome unique points of view. Strive to understand, not just accept. Champion each other.

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Assorted Hopper Humans

A ukulele-playing developer, an engineer-turned-data scientist, a copywriter-turned-marketer-turned-product manager: at Hopper, backgrounds are diverse and unique, and pathways for growth are limitless. How will your story add to our mix?

Building a team of really diverse people who work well together is the core of what drives us.

Andrew Boch


We know that part of being our best selves at work means having fun outside of working hours. We don’t just say goodbye at five. Expect board game nights, barbecues, lunch-and-learns, and company-wide offsites. We like to have fun, what can we say?

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We’re a fast-paced and fun-loving team working together to solve big problems. You’d be a great fit!